MOT Repairs

If your car fails it’s MOT we can do repairs to get it back on the road legally again

Remapping Specialists

We now do remapping giving your car more Horsepower or better fuel economy. Give us a call with your registration and we will give you the gains your car will get in torque and BHP (brake horse power). We will advise if your car would be good to or not to remap. Our maps are IMI approved they won’t void warranty and have a lifetime guarantee.


We have various diagnostic equipment so if you have a light on your dash then we will plug your vehicle into one of our advanced machines and find the problem so it can be rectified.


If you need tyres replaced then we can order them and have them here in a short space of time get you booked in and have them replaced


TerraClean is a service that cleans the carbon deposits that clogs up in your vehicle. Removing these deposits can improve overall vehicle performance With reducing emissions being a big part of our world TerraClean has a DPF tool to clean out a clogged DPF (diesel particulate filter), an EGR tool to clean EGR’S and also we have the basic TerraClean which cleans a diesel engine. This service can give better MPG, better fuel economy, reduce emissions and preventative maintenance


We go by manufacturer’s settings and service vehicles either by the mileage or time distance between servicing changing your vehicle filters and changing oil makes vehicles last longer.

General Repairs

We also do general repairs brakes, calipers, clutches, gearboxes and timing belt and much more so just give us a call and we would be glad to help

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